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What Happens When You Are 2 Months Pregnant


Are you 2 months pregnant?

Being pregnant is an exciting and a thrilling thing. This is because you are on a journey in which you will end up bringing a new human being on this earth. The entire period of pregnancy is divided into three segments. This means that the 9 months are divided into three parts of three months. And in every part, the baby inside of you develops more and more. You should say what happens at every stage, which is why this article will tell you how your baby is if you are 2 months pregnant.

Your baby if you are 2 months pregnant:

At this point in your pregnancy, your baby will be up to two centimeters long. Of course, this is still very small, but, your baby is continuously developing and growing a bit more each and every day. Moreover, at this point in the pregnancy, the baby starts to grow almost one millimeter in one day. And the amniotic fluid that is present in the womb in order to protect the baby growing inside of you, increases by almost two full tablespoons in one week.

The development of the baby:

After the two months of being pregnant, the baby is now called fetus officially. The word means offspring, however, the baby at this stage still gets the nutrition from the yolk sac instead of getting it from the placenta. In the next few weeks, the placenta will start to develop and will start to form structures that are known as chorionic villi. These structures help the placenta in attaching itself to the womb so that the baby starts to get its nutrition from the placenta.

2 month pregnancy

The toes and fingers of your baby will have been formed right now. However, they will still be webbed and will remain that way for some more weeks. The heart of the baby at this stage beats at around a rate of 160 beats per minute. Moreover, in this week, the lungs of the baby will start to develop and the breathing tube will extend right from the throat and will go into the lungs. Meanwhile, the nerve cells in the brain start to branch out and connect in order to form pathways that are primitively neutral.

Allergies you may suffer

Most of the expected mom suffer from colds, allergies or flu. If you feel or suffer from allergies then home remedies prove to be very effective. You can take plenty fuilds such as chicken soup, green tea, tomato soup, chicken stock and variety of related products.

They will help to soothe the pain and give quick relief.

Skin of the baby:

After being 2 months pregnant, the skin of the baby will still be quite thin. It will almost be paper thin. Furthermore, the skin will also have an embryonic and an almost transparent look. After being pregnant for two months, or eight weeks, the color pigment of the eyes of the baby also starts to form. However, the baby won’t be able to open them properly until it has developed for around 26 weeks. Also, at this point, the eyelids of the baby almost cover their whole eyes.

Regular checkups:

Now that you know what should be happening if you are eight weeks pregnant, it is advisable for you to get a checkup so that everything goes smoothly.

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