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Best Time To Get Pregnant in 2018


Best Time To Get Pregnant!! Men produce sperm and women produce an egg in a month. Men can produce sperm continuously while women produce egg only once in a month on each menstrual cycle. It simply means that women can produce one egg in between one period and the next one. And in the case of twins, the number of eggs is two, and that is produced within one day of one another and not after weeks or month.

In the process of ovulation, an egg is released from your ovaries and it survives for only 12 to 24 hours. If the egg is not fertilized by the sperm during within 24 hours, it will die and you’ll have to wait for the next chance of getting pregnant in your next menstrual cycle.

If the eggs are not yet produced when the sperm enters your body, then the good thing is this that sperm could survive for more than 5 days in your body, when the conditions of your body are favorable and these conditions only occur in the days before ovulation.

The purpose of stating all this is to let you know about the right time of having sex to get pregnant and that is the day of ovulation or the 5 days before ovulation.

This time, is the Best Time To Get Pregnant. This time period lasts for almost 6 days and having sex in between these 6 days makes more chances for you to get pregnant. So if you want to get pregnant, you should have sex in first 3-4 days before ovulation because this is the time when sperm is active and egg could be produced and the fertilization will be done.

Things To Find Best Time To Get Pregnant

For having a proper planning to get pregnant without missing a chance, one thing that you  are supposed to know is the time of your ovulation so that you could have sex at the right time. There is a common consideration that ovulation happens every 14 days just before your periods. There could be some physical signs that you may feel and will make you aware of your ovulation and that is some sort of watery secretions from your vagina, or pain in pelvis. This is how you could know about your ovulation and have sex to get pregnant

There are some apps and their vital task is to ensign when you will be having ovulation on the basis of the information that you last provided to that application about your periods. If you are having regular cycle of your periods then there is a full chance that this app will guide you more accurate about your ovulation.

The second thing to have more chances of getting pregnant is that you should have sex all the six days before your ovulation. By doing so, your chances of getting pregnant will increase than before.

Periods for Best Time To Get Pregnant

If you are having irregular periods then it will be difficult for you to have an idea about your ovulation and in that case, there are chances that you may miss the chance of pregnancy as you won’t be having any idea about the right time of having a sex.

In case, if you are having irregular periods for more than 6 months, don’t forget to visit the doctor as it could be a sign of worry.

All this, doesn’t mean that you have to wait for you ovulation to have sex, you can have sex whenever you want and try having sex thrice a week so that there are more chances for you to get pregnant. If you didn’t get a chance to get pregnant for a year then consult your fertility doctor so that if there is any issue, it could be diagnosed.

Hormones in a woman’s body are chemical substances that act as a channel that conveys messages to different parts of the body internally. The hormones named progesterone and oestrogen controls many functions in woman’s menstrual cycle and forming of egg to the fertilization process.

The number of these two hormones increases in a woman’s body during pregnancy and this increase in these hormones causes the breasts size of yours to increase and helps your womb’s muscles to relax for the better growth of the baby. You could also feel mood swings and irritation just because of this increase in number of hormones.

So, after having a complete reading of this, you might be having a clear idea about the best time you could have sex to get yourself pregnant. In any woman, ovulation happens according to her menstrual cycle. Normally it occurs on the period’s 14th day. Whereas if still you are not well sure of your ovulation then you can confirm it by using a prediction test kit that will help you to know the near to accurate ovulation date of yours.

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