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Brown discharge during pregnancy: what it means?


Every woman suffers from vaginal discharge which is clear white and thin. It is known as Leucorrhea and is totally normal. The discharge may vary in color and gives a sign that something is wrong inside. During pregnancy, all the hormones make the vaginal discharge thicker and dense, but when a pregnant woman experience a brown discharge, then the actual worry starts.

However in some cases, the brown discharge during pregnancy is totally normal but in most of the cases it is a symptom of any complication. The brown discharge is the blood released from the female reproductive tract which often indicates a miscarriage. So find out when you have to worry and when the brown discharge is normal?

Brown discharge during pregnancy: first trimester

If any pregnant woman experiences brown discharge during her first trimester, then it is entirely normal. The spotting in brown color will end in 2 or 3 days, and you do not require any particular medication. Some woman may have spotted in pink or red color. However, the brown discharge is painless and odorless or is not associated with vaginal burning or discomfort. After the first trimester, brown discharge may indicate the negative symptom.


Causes of brown discharge during early pregnancy

  • Bleeding during implantation
    One out of four women experiences the brown discharge or mild bleeding in the first week of pregnancy. The professional health care refers it as the bleeding which is caused by the implantation. The brown spotting is normal in some cases but if you are experiencing the heavy bleeding then do consult your health care.
  • Other causes

Following are the main reasons for discharge:-

  • There may be the abnormal growth of fibroids in the lining of uterus
  • A woman may experience some burning or irritation around her cervix or vagina.
  • In the early days of pregnancy, there is abnormal growth of hormones or some hormonal changes may
  • cause the brown discharge
  • The infection in cervix or vagina may also cause the brown discharge
    There may be possibility of any inherited disorder

Worry about the brown discharge during early pregnancy

If the discharge is not because of the implantation, then do evaluate the reason. If you are experiencing the symptoms such as fever, abdominal pain, fainting, dizziness then immediate care is required because these symptoms lead to severe conditions such as

  • Miscarriage
    If the brown discharge during pregnancy continues for at least 4 or 5 days and the color keeps on changing with the amount of flow, then it is a sign of miscarriage. The brown discharge will be accompanied by the pain and cramping. Do consult your doctor for the treatment.
  • Infection
    Woman offer suffers from the vaginal infection because of many reasons. So you may suffer from brown discharge because of the cervical erosion. If you feel unbearable pain or burning, then treat the problem as soon as possible.
  • Ectopic pregnancy
    Ectopic pregnancy is also a reason of brown discharge. It is a dangerous condition because the embryo starts its development process in the fallopian tube. You may experience cramping or pain.
  • Abnormalities
    The brown discharge occurs because of the placental abnormalities. Pregnant mommies who suffer from brown discharge often feel much pain. They often experience heavy bleeding as well. the brown discharge requires much attention or proper medical treatment. This occurs because of the separation of uterus and placenta.
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