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Can you take Tylenol while pregnant? Find the answer


Getting sick during the pregnancy make anxious and prove to be scary for some woman. They get stress and start taking medicines without any concern which is completely wrong. Taking medication during pregnancy without proper consultation may cause birth defects. However, you can take the medications which do not affect the health of your baby and mother. To get relief from pain, you can consult your doctor about the safe drugs to avoid any potential risks. The question rises about the particular medicine which helps to relieve pain, can you take Tylenol while pregnant? Find out the answer

Can you take Tylenol while pregnant for pain?

Taking prescribed quantity of Tylenol, which is also known as acetaminophen may not cause ADHD in the offspring, a study suggests. The study published in the journal of Pediatrics (link: suggested that prenatal exposure to Tylenol during pregnancy may increase the risk of ADHD in the offspring. The study also revealed that controlled doses of acetaminophen over short-term was not associated with ADHD in offspring.
Make sure to follow the guidelines and dosage as mentioned on the bottle and you will get instant relief from pain. There are many other types of pain relievers like ibuprofen or naproxen, but they decrease the fluid level in the body especially during the first trimester. Do remember to take any medicine with the concern of doctor so that it will not affect the development of the baby.

Can you take Tylenol while pregnant for headaches?

To get relief from headaches during pregnancy it is advised to try some natural remedies which are as follows

  • Avoid trigger

You must have to prevent the odors or the food which triggers a headache or migraines; some people get a headache because of the smell of dairy products, so you need to identify the products which cause headaches.

  • Healthy diet

A woman must develop habits to eat healthy meals and should maintain a diet which prevents from various pain. They should have to drink many fluids.

  • Exercise

A little bit exercise such as walk, or stretching may prove to be good for the health of both mother and baby. Avoid to perform heavy exercises or lifting any weights. Do adopt the relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, massaging and yoga.

  • Manage Stress

Instead of using medications, you need to find healthy ways and home remedies to deal with stress. Find various tasks and creative options to deal with stress and anxiety.

  • Regular sleep

You must need to learn or take proper sleep because it helps to make the blood pressure as well as heart rate normal. You will be able reduce headache.

Some woman can take Tylenol, and it is safe to take the tablets in the first trimester. During pregnancy headaches and cramping is normal. You have to try herbal treatments or various relaxation techniques so that your problem may go away. A severe headache may indicate the sign of a complication such as blood pressure, kidney problems, and the organ system.

Can you take Tylenol while pregnant: follow proper precaution

It is advised to consult your doctor about your health issue because the concerned doctor will only advise the proper meds during pregnancy. Do remember to take the minimum medicine dosage during pregnancy. You may experience many symptoms or increase the risks associated with them. The drugs contain some addictive ingredient which may show some signs on rare occasions. Can you take Tylenol while pregnant? Yes, it is safe to take Tylenol to get relief from severe pain but only in the first trimester. However, you must take into the consideration of the doctor to minimum the health risks of baby or mother.

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