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Did You Get A Brown Discharge Instead Of Period?


Brown discharge instead of period:

If you are not expecting your period, then what is normal for you to experience is a white discharge. What is concerning is that you get a brown discharge instead of period. One reason why it is so concerning is because the color of the discharge is quite close to blood. However, the good news is that in a large number of cases, the brown discharge is nothing that you should be worried about.

What is brown discharge instead of period?

A discharge starts to look brown when the discharge has been traced with some of the old blood that took a bit longer to pass from the uterus. As the blood gets older, it starts to turn brown.  It is not worrying if you have a brown discharge after you have had your menstrual period. That brown discharge is just old blood that is leaving your body.

What causes brown discharge instead of period?

You might sometimes even experience brown spotting if you are ovulating. Moreover, sometimes the brown discharge is also an indication that you are highly sensitive to tests like Pap test or a vaginal test.

A brown discharge for a number of days around your period dates is also one of the early sign of pregnancy. It is also one of the symptoms that women don’t even notice or have. This brown discharge is caused by implantation bleeding that occurs when an egg that has been fertilized attaches itself to the lining of the uterus. However, if you have been experiencing brown spotting and your period is also late by some days then it will be a good idea to get yourself a pregnancy test.

Brown discharge is also common if you are in the right age group that is 45 or older then this is a sign of perimenopause. This is the time when your body starts to transition itself into menopause. If you are also going through mood swings, insomnia and also hot flashes, then it could mean that menopause is about to arrive for you.

What you should do about the brown discharge:

First of all, you don’t need to worry too much or take a lot of stress as it can also be quite dangerous for your body. If you are not pregnant and are experiencing a brown discharge instead of period just before or after you have got your monthly period, then it is normal. Similarly, if there is a brown discharge when you are ovulating then you have nothing to be worried about. In such cases, all you need to do is make a mental note and start using a panty liner until the discharge stops. However, if your discharge lasts for more a couple of weeks and also happens frequently, then it is time that you consult your doctor. This is because if you experience something abnormal then it can be a sign of a serious condition that needs immediate medical attention.

What you have to do?

If you had your pregnancy test and it is negative then you will experience brown discharge after or before the period. However it is totally normal but if you will notice dark brown or very dark red blood for a couple of days then have a proper treatment or the medication course.

Brown discharge instead of period is totally normal so you do not have to panic in this state. If you experience severe signs then do consult your doctor. Share the useful information among your Facebook friends, Instagram and twitter fellows.

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