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How to get pregnant fast: A detailed Guide of 2018


How to get pregnant fast!! Getting pregnant may seem pretty simple. One may think that the only secret to getting pregnant is to copulate. But this is not precisely true. Plus, getting pregnant is not equally easy for everyone. Some couples struggle having children while others have them quicker than they had expected.  


Here are some tips to better your odds at getting pregnant:


  • Go off birth control ahead of time

  • If you have been taking contraception, consider giving it up as soon as you and your partner feel ready to have a baby. Depending on the form of contraception you were using, your body will take less or more time to return to normal. If you were using non-hormonal methods such as copper IUD, for instance, you just have to get it removed and your body will immediately get ready for pregnancy. But if you were using hormonal methods such as contraceptive pills or hormonal IUD, it might take quite long for your body to get ready again. With all the hormones that are ingested in your body when you are on hormonal contraception, it will most probably take a few months to sort of “purify” your body before being ready for conception. The longer you have taken contraceptives, the longer it might take to get pregnant.


  • Visit your doctor:

  • Once you go off birth control, visit your doctor to make sure that your body is doing well and can afford to get pregnant. If you have any reproductive system related disease, it is necessary that you get it identified and treated. If you have more common issues such as cholesterol, diabetes or blood pressure issues, getting pregnant might become a little more difficult. To increase your chances to get pregnant and have a successful and healthy pregnancy, make sure to solve any problem you might have and do not hesitate to take vitamins (folic acids, zinc, vitamin C, etc.) as well.


  • Know when you generally ovulate

  • Women commonly ovulate 14 days before the last day of their menstrual cycle. This means that if your cycle is 30 days, your ovulation probably occurs on the 16th day (30-14=16). However, this rule does not apply to all women, as some ovulate at some point earlier or later during their cycle. Moreover, not all women have regular cycles and even when their cycles are regular, a woman’s ovulation time may differ from one month to the other. So, to track your ovulation in the best possible way, set up a chart to monitor your cycles and your basal body temperature (basal temperature gives you more precision as it shows tenths of degrees). If you are bad at keeping records, it can prove to be an interesting idea to download ovulation tracking apps, as these will remind you to enter your data on a regular basis and give you helpful alerts.


  • Copulate at the right time

  • Remember two things. First, once you have ovulated, your egg is viable for about 24 hours. Second, the sperm has a longer lifespan: 48 to 72 hours. This means that your fertility window is from 3-4 days before your ovulation to 24 hours after ovulation has occurred. During your fertility window, it goes without saying that your efforts to achieve your goal should increase. In other words, definitely try to have regular sexual intercourse during the period in question.


  • Stay relaxed

  • It might get a little frustrating when you are trying to have a baby and that all your life starts revolving around “baby-making”. For the sake of your own well-being, and for the sake of the baby you are trying to conceive: try to stay as relaxed as possible. Do not make conception sound boring or tiring. Do not take it as a burden. Just go with the flow and stay as natural as possible while keeping an eye on everything.


  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle

  • This is valid for both partners, of course. Both the quality of the egg and the quality of the semen need to be satisfactory. The healthier your lifestyle and eating habits are, the better your chances of having a baby will be. Kick all your bad habits out of your life. This is the right time to quit smoking and drinking. This is the perfect occasion to limit your caffeine intake and start morning walks together.


  • Take a break

  • This might sound a little awkward to you, but taking a break, discovering a new location, enjoying a romantic holiday is a really good way to improve your chances to get pregnant, if only you don’t let yourself become obsessed with pregnancy even when you are on holiday…


  • Don’t feel discouraged if it takes longer than you expected. If it starts taking too long to get pregnant (more than a year, for instance), visit your doctor once again to make sure everything is still OK. Other than that, remain patient, as miracles do not always happen overnight. And after all, giving life is nothing else than a little miracle, right?

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