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Do you know Can you have a period and be pregnant?


Can you have a period and be pregnant? Yes, it can be possible, but it is very rare. The majority of the ladies gets disturbed due to the later periods, but in some ladies they have regular periods during the whole tenure of nine months. It is much important that you first confirm your pregnancy. The material that is used to detect the HCG hormone is the chemicals that are known as indicators. You must follow the instructions carefully; the least carelessness can give you false results.

  1. Use plastic container for the urine collection, if you are going to check your pregnancy at home.
  2. Your container should be cleaned and clear of the dust and water.
  3. Always take a fresh sample for checking the pregnancy.
  4. Always take the urine of early morning time.

If you take care of these things there will be no issues in the pregnancy tests.

How Can you have a period and be pregnant with Regular Symptoms

There are some important but regular signs that let you know about your pregnancy. Ladies face different physical and mental changes during the pregnancy. The hormonal changes are the undeniable sign in regards to it. These hormones demonstrate their advancement through different changes in the body.

  1. Tenderness in Breasts

The first and disturbing sign is the sensations in the breast of the ladies. It is simply because of the more blood supply to the zone because of the advancement and the movement of the hormones. It is called an early indication of the pregnancy. Thusly, you will feel an expansion of bosom size nowadays. The sore bosom is another image of getting pregnant. You feel uncomfortable and sensations in your breasts, you can go for Pregnancy Test for your own fulfillment.

  1. Morning Sickness

Most of the ladies confront the morning sickness during the pregnancy. It is another condition that can be practically the insistence of the pregnancy. The reason behind the morning sickness and vomiting in the morning is the high rate of the hormone production. A large portion of the women feel nausea and vomiting in the morning that is the cause of extreme comfort. In the event that you are facing the situation, then it is profoundly near pregnancy. It is the best and an ideal time for attesting your pregnancy.

  1. Can you have a period and be pregnant or missed Periods

It is the most evident and clear indication of pregnancy. The essential clear sign of the pregnancy is the deferred or missed periods. The situation is alert to your pregnancy. Honestly, every so often missed periods happen in view of the hormonal abnormality in the body, not in view of the pregnancy. If you feel every single above indication with missing periods then it is going to affirm that you are pregnant.

A Missed period is the most common symptom, but the having periods during pregnancy is not common. The frequent bleeding is the sign of complications and you must consult the doctor that, Can you have a period and be pregnant?



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