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Why do women have cramps before periods


Periods are different for all ages of women. They can be easy and light for teenage girls and young women but can be painful with a heavy flow for middle-aged women. cramps before periods are not to worry but when women who are trying to get pregnant get painful periods, they sometimes confuse it with implantation cramps. A survey conducted in the year 2004 showed that most of the girls are reported to be absent on their period week, because of painful cramps. They are more likely to avoid sports practices and miss social events.

Reason of cramps before periods

The basic reason of having cramps before periods is uterine contractions. Uterine contraction is the situation where your uterus tightens and relaxes to allow blood to leave the uterus, as a result of which you get periods. Uterus lining releases a special chemical which is called prostaglandins which tend to increase the intensity of contractions. As the level of prostaglandins increases, the intensity of contractions also increases. Higher levels of prostaglandins might also cause lightheadedness and nausea.

cramps before periods
Normal cramps before periods

It is natural to have cramps while you are on your periods. Some women who experience cramps before periods must not worry at all, as this is also a normal body behavior. Cramps might start one or two days before you start your periods, and might last throughout the time. There is nothing abnormal about this, but if you experience something unusual then you must consult with your doctor and talk about the problem you are facing.

Having cramps during periods

Mild cramps during periods are normal, because of uterine contractions. However, if the contractions and cramps are not getting better with each day then there might be some other reason for painful periods, for which you must consult with your health care provider.
When girls first begin to menstruate, they might experience irregular periods. It happens because ovulation does not take place for a few months or even years. This is why a lot of girls report to not have their next period for a year after they have their first period. In the start, girls usually do not have any menstrual cramps because of immature hormone level. After a year or two when the hormonal level matures, girls tend to experience menstrual cramps with the heavy or normal flow of periods.

Other symptoms of periods

Other than cramps, there are other symptoms of having periods. Such as:
Bloating in belly
Some women experience these symptoms before their period’s start, while some women tend to have these things going on throughout their periods. These symptoms end with the end of periods only, but this is also a normal body reaction and there is nothing to worry about until there is something unusual during the cycle.

Medicine for cramps before periods

There are a few medicines which your health care provider might recommend to lighten the flow and make your uterus cramp less. These medicines might upset the stomach so it is recommended to take then with food. However there are many ways which ease the pain of cramps after periods. Instead of taking medicines some home remedies prove to be very effective. Hot coffee, back tea, green tea and the hot water bottle or the heating pads are very efficient to soothe the pain of cramps after periods.
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